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Storm Window and Doors

Our aluminum storm windows feature the Kaufmann design.  We custom manufacture all of our storm windows to exact specifications to fit any size window. All frame parts are made of durable, extruded materials and are hand-assembled. Includes screens and installation screws. We custom make your storm windows here in Wisconsin.  Storm windows available: 450 two track, 550 three track, 460 two track oriel, 430 outside removable picture, 470 two track slider.

Historic Preservation

Storm Windows are a major design feature, of both the exterior and interior of any building.It is not always desirable to replace windows that add so much to the building style and character.

Quality storm windows blend in a way that is faithful to the original design of the building.  They do not detract from the look of the building.  They add insulation and protect the underlying sash from the harmful effects of wind and weather. Inside storms insulate but fail to protect the sash.

Consider: Styleline Storm Windows Others

Expertise Expert advise from professionals Little knowledge or understanding

Metal thickness .050" wall construction .030" wall construction

Paint Thick powder coated finish Thin sprayed finish

Color 10 + colors, plus can custom any color you need. 2, 3 or 4

Construction Miter cut four sides - minimal sight lines Butt corner - bulky frame with raw aluminum edges

Weather-stripping Fully weather-stripped Some, none or PVC fillers which will break down from
 UV weathering

Sash handles

Recessed into frame and not visible exposed raw aluminum angle notches


All windows are customized just for you.  Standard sizes that you have to make fit.
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Storm Doors

After manufacturing the same high-quality aluminum storm door for over 20 years, Styleline introduced its new line of premium storm doors in 2003. We've retained the quality standard features of our previous door, such as heavy extrusions, tempered glass, full weather stripping, and availability of custom sizes. In addition, we've added several new features:

  • Insulated Frame
  • Stylish Lines
  • Solid Core Kick Panel
  • Designer Glass Options
  • Brass Expander
  • Custom Colors
  • Premium Door Hardware
  • Heavy Duty Closers

This door is available as 950 Self-Storing, 930 Full-View, 940 Mid-View and French Type Double Doors. These doors are available in standard sizes: 32 x  80, 34 x 80 and 36 x 80, in addition, custom sizes are available in all styles and color.  All doors come pre-hung for easy installation. If you want a high quality, durable storm door that's made right here in the USA, you can't go wrong with Styleline's Therma-Vue Storm Door.

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Made In The U.S.A.! 

Since 1937... Kaufmann over the years has shipped products to all fifty states. Now teamed with Styleline a Division of Bavaro Limited of  Monroe Wisconsin, we can service larger projects anywhere in the U.S.  Kaufmann - designers of products that have stood the test of time.  Beginning with quality components well suited to their intended use combined to produce quality, custom sized, aluminum storm windows and aluminum storm doors.  In addition, aluminum extruded screen frame, sash frame, porch enclosure frame and their components.  All available in an unsurpassed variety of color finishes.